Generic Toyota Tacoma 16+ & 4Runner Fog Light Retrofit Bracket Kit (Stainless 2-Pack)


Please Note:  this kit no longer includes the H11 pigtail adapters.  They are easy to make and all our DDS4’s include a male connector for our lights.  You can purchase H11 connectors on Amazon for an affordable price, or hardwire into your existing fog light circuit.

(These brackets are sold for “GENERIC” use and can be used with either DDS4’s OR with other brand of lights, but you may need to add spacers, or do modifications to get them looking exactly how you like.)

We’re excited to announce a universal fog light bracket for replacing your fog lights with the Dark Defence DDS4 45W Pod Lights, or other pod light you may desire both requiring our own customization. It requires some extra bolt hardware and installation will take around 15-30 minutes or less – depending on how far you want the lights hidden, or sticking out, modification or the addition of your own spacers WILL BE NECESSARY, but we priced it cheap because of this!  (If we are able to suitably aquire hardware, we’ll include this for a small additional charge along with your order, as of now it will just come as seen at a discount)

Our pod light bracket is tested and working with some gaps around the circular hole on Toyota Tacoma/Tundra/4Runner/Rav4/Corolla specific years seen below.


  • 2012 THRU 2020 TACOMA
  • 2014 THRU 2020 4RUNNER (May not work depending on subset of model, buy at your own risk.)
  • 2014 THRU 2020 TUNDRA
  • 2016 THRU 2020 RAV4
  • 2014-2019 HIGHLANDER
  • 2014 THRU 2016 COROLLA


You will have to make some slight modification by making some mounting holes if missing on your vehicle.  You may use some of the OEM screws to fasten the mount and than you can aquire other bolts/nuts to properly fasten this to the mounting spot.  You may also need to drill the back plastic mounting points for your desired bolt and lock nut.

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This piece that will need drilling is not visible and won’t affect your OEM bumper if done properly.  In our initial testing, we used a course threaded screw with a lock washer and it worked great.  Our bracket mounting system also allows you to switch back at anytime to the OEM fog lights if you ever desired to do so!

Please see all the pictures and our YouTube video if you can before purchasing.  See video:

If you have any questions, please check our Facebook page or contact us!  The bracket comes with the same 1-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like anything, just return it for a full refund!  We want you to be 100% happy and we think you’ll love this mounting system offered at a fraction of the price as other universal mounting options!

If you’re plugging these into the stock headlight connections and are purchasing the Dark Defence lights, we advise purchasing some connectors via ebay or Amazon so you won’t have to cut your OEM harness.  You will have to do some soldering to make sure the light has a good connection with the OEM wiring harness.  If you need help or advice with this, please shoot us a message on Facebook and we’ll reply as soon as we can!


  • 2X Outer full stainless fog light brackets (This will technically work with our DDS4 lights, but you MAY be able to modify these for your own light model and DIY requirements)
  • 2X Inner full stainless adjustable mounts for use with Dark Defence DDS4 LED pod lights
  • 2X 1/4-20 Stainless bolts to connect the inner bracket to the outer bracket.
  • Coming soon (8X screws and lock screws for the outer bracket, until we have this ready, you’ll have to buy these yourself
  • This item does NOT include the lights or any harness as seen in photos. If you want to purchase the lights as a combo with the bracket kit, Click Here.

**Please allow 2-3 days for handling to prepare your order.  Some of the pieces are custom made in our shop.  We’ll ship it sooner if we can!  Thanks for your understanding.