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Dark Defense Light Thrower LTX & LTX-L Series Light Bar — 20″ 30″ 40″


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We’re taking the light bar game to the next level!  Say hello to a new generation of light bars, the LTX (single row) and LTX-L (dual row).   The LTX and LTX-L series light bars give you the maximum output possible at an unbeatable price backed by Dark Defense and our legendary pursuit for maximum output at an unbeatable price without compromising on quality.

Not only do these bars perform amazing at night, but they look ridiculously good with their slim profile and near frameless bezel design, these are one of a kind bars that will turn heads and slay darkness!


  • *Lead time will be around 2+ months from end of group buy close (June 28, 2021). This could be extended by up to 3 months if we continue to have issues obtaining the LED chips to build the bars. We will do our best to get them in as soon as possible!
  • *Light bar may not have front printed  Dark Defense logo depending on our lead times we may only opt for laser logo in the top of the housing.  If we make our quota we will still utilize the front logo as seen in photos.
  • *If we are unable for any reason to complete the group buy or have any issues that prevents us from shipping your light bar, you will receive a FULL 100% no-questions asked refund!

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Dark Defense LTX series light bars truly are some of the slimmest and best looking light bars ever made!  The LTX single row bars are only 1.59″ tall and 2.28″ tall for the LTX-L dual row. All models put out highly impressive throw, thanks to our new side split reflector technology!  Our lumen output is also superior to anything we’ve seen within this price range and size!


  • LaticePower TG3 V2.0 5W 6000K LED’s rated at 50,000+ hours runtime
  • Includes: Light bar + DT style male/female plug + Side & Bottom brackets using M8X1.25 BOLT
  • (Available with stand off spacers to accommodate B*ja De*igns light bar cutouts if needed, please put this in your notes)
  • Ultra thin bezel style face with high quality durable lexan polycarbonate
  • Split reflector technology throws farther than traditional reflectors
  • Ultra slim & compact design
  • 6063 extruded aluminum housing with high quality rough powder coating (fade resistant) (See photos)
  • High-end imported Japanese breather port
  • IP68 water resistance approved & complies with IP69K standards
  • Electronic Thermal Management (ETM)
  • Works with 12-24V with Over & Under Voltage Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • UV & Shock Resistance ECE R112/ R10,CE
  • 1-Year Warranty Against any manufacturing failures

Real life example test videos, seen here:



  • LTX 20″ 8,100 Raw Lumens & 165,625 Candela (6.2A/75W)
  • Price before 25% off discount: $259.99

  • LTX 30″ 12,200 Raw Lumens & 241,080 Candela (8.3A/100W)
  • Price before 25% off discount: $399.99

  • LTX 40″ 16,300 Raw Lumens & 419,900 Candela (10.4A/100W)
  • Price before 25% off discount: $489.99


  • LTX-L 20″ 8,100 Raw Lumens & 165,625 Candela (6.2A/75W)
  • Price before 25% off discount: $319.99

  • LTX-L 30″ 24,300 Raw Lumens & 452,900 Candela (15.2A/182W)
  • Price before 25% off discount: $489.99

  • LTX-L 40″ 31,200 Raw Lumens & 657,900 Candela (21.5A/258W)
  • Price before 25% off discount: $579.99

*Yellow lens versions will have reduced lumen output up to 20% due to filtering.


30″ LTX-L Bar (Dual Row) YELLOW — @The_Dark_Yota

40″ LTX-L Bar (Dual Row) YELLOW— @MGMCOMA

30″ LTX (Single Row) Bar YELLOW — @SammWeb

40″ LTX (Single Row) Bar YELLOW — @WanderTaco

40″ LTX (Dual Row) Bar CLEAR — @Phamtastic_fj

40″ LTX (Single Row) Bar CLEAR — @Marc.wrightt

30″ LTX (Dual Row) Bar YELLOW — @DarkDefense_Official

Real life output example of LTX-L 30″ on left, and LTX-L 40″ on right below:

Need more information of pictures? Check our Instagram @DarkDefense_Official or email us at Service.DarkDefense[AT]

Light Bar Model

LTX 20" (Ultra-Slim & Single Row), LTX 30" (Ultra-Slim & Single Row), LTX 40" (Ultra-Slim & Single Row), LTX-L 20" (Slim & Dual Row), LTX-L 30" (Slim & Dual Row), LTX-L 40" (Slim & Dual Row)

Light Bar Color?

Clear W/Combo Reflector, Yellow W/Combo Reflector


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