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Amber GOLD Series Lens Available In Spot/Combo/Flood (2-Pack Lens Kit)


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Say hello to the all-new AMBER GOLD SERIES from Dark Defense!

Need a new set of replacement lenses or change your light difusion style?  you’re in the right place!

This lens kit includes 2X replacement lenses of your desired pattern for $12 per lens!

Available lens styles:

  • Amber Gold Spot (Greater distance, less light up front)
  • Amber Gold Combo (Spot + Flood, less distance, more light up front) MOST POPULAR
  • Amber Gold Flood (Full Flood lens for maximum light up closer to vehicle) (2-3 Month Lead Time Currently for NON-PRO lenses on the all FLOOD option)


  • We did our very best to create a one-of-a-kind lens that match the amber colored reflector on most vehicles.  This unique color also matches better with other orange accessories and makes you stand out in a unique way that has never been seen before in the pod-light lighting market! (See Photos)
  • When lights are illuminated, the color appears warmer of a yellow tint than our other yellow lenses. (See Photos)
    High-strength polycarbonate allows the maximum light transference without sacrificing that orange/amber color you want!
  • Works with all DDS4 2.0 and DDS4 PRO (Must specify before adding to cart)
  • *Note, Amber Gold series does cut overall output slightly (Around 10-15%) due to the darker color tint vs. our previous yellow lenses.
  • *All 2-Pack lenses ship in USPS mail post, unless you buy more than 1 pair.

Each lens can be self-serviced and installed within 5-minutes with the help of your allen wrench.

Actual Color Output:

Lenses will look orange amber when light is off, but when the light is on, it shows more of a 3000K off-white yellow to the human eyes.  Most cameras will pick this up as more of a yellow colors.  We will have new slip-on filters coming soon that will help the light become even more yellow or orange depending on the filter.  We will be adding these to the website as soon as possible.  Please watch video below for an example comparasion:

Lens Model

Amber Gold COMBO Spot+Flood (DDS4 2.0), Amber Gold COMBO Spot+Flood (DDS4 PRO), Amber Gold FLOOD (DDS4 2.0), Amber Gold FLOOD (DDS4 PRO), Amber Gold Spot (DDS4 2.0), Amber Gold Spot (DDS4 PRO)


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